Vittorio Polli ed
Anna Maria Stoppani

The Polli Stoppani Foundation was set up by Anna Maria Stoppani‘s will in order to fulfil the wish of her husband, the lawyer Vittorio Polli, to give continuity to the charitable and assistance activities, already implemented by the couple, and at the same time support the Museo della Valle in Zogno, the couples first philanthropic project.

The foundations objective is to work in a concrete and decisive manner in two primary areas of action: support for the person – with particular attention to the elderly, women, children, and families in difficulty – and the promotion of culture, both in terms of recovering the local artistic and historical heritage and raising awareness of social issues.

The Foundation is headquartered in Bergamo Alta, at nine via San Giacomo, in the eponymous Polli and Stoppani building, where in addition to institutional premises, and several spaces equipped to hold temporary exhibitions and events, it is home to a House Museum that houses the valuable private collections donated by the Founders themselves over the years, enriched with new works and installations.

Visit the Palace

The Palace, built about 1500, designed by Pietro Isabello (~1484-1549) was renovated in 1700, was then purchased by Vittorio Polli in 1960 as a family residence. In 2009, Mrs. Anna Maria Stoppani established the building as headquarters of the Polli Stoppani Foundation.

Today, it is also home to the House Museum that houses the familiys private collection containing paintings and wooden sculptures from 1300 to the present day.


The latest projects the Foundation is carrying out or any projects completed during the years of operation that have involved many and supported worthy realities.

News & Events

Below you can find the latest news, appointments and featured topics that the Foundation offers to its supporters and friends.


Nunthala e Waku

Le scuole di Nunthala e Waku, nel distretto del Solukhumbu, ospitano circa 600 studenti, dai 5 ai 18 anni. Ad ottobre del 2021 due esemplari…

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The noise of the mood

Art, technology and innovation meet in May in Bergamo, Italian Capital of Culture 2023, thanks to artist Beatrice Sancinelli’s first solo exhibition, a deeply emotional,…

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